Bryan Eyberg is an award winning pianist, piano teacher and composer. He plays a wide range of music, but specializes in Soul and Rock n Roll. He has performed at Chan's in Woonsocket RI and the Regent Theater in Arlington MA, and also The Newton Free Library and The Mary Baker Eddy Library in Boston. In 2016 he performed at Blue Ocean Music Hall with band Best Not Broken supporting legendary Jefferson Airplane. He is also an organist. He currently plays keyboards with two bands in the Boston area, including Todd and the Hobos, featuring Kenny Hopkins on guitar, grandson of blues legend Lightnin' Hopkins, and Todd Nicodemus, the chief Hobo and founder of the band. Bryan has played in many bands in the Boston area, including The Scales, The Green Street Band, and AfterFab, a solo Beatles Tribute Band. With that band Bryan performed at the Regent Theater in Arlington, Chans Restaurant and night club in Woonsocket, RI, and at the Danbury Fields Forever Beatles Festival in Danbury CT. Bryan teaches piano at the Franklin School for the Performing Arts and the Brookline Music School which are also in the Boston area. He holds a Bachelors Degree in music from Simpson College, and a Master's Degree in Music from the University of Michigan School of Music. As a college student he won the Bill Riley Talent Search. And he is available to teach piano lessons via Skype if you are interested. Please contact him on this website's contact page if you are interested in taking lessons. And thanks so much for visiting!