Welcome to the website of Bryan Eyberg, a pianist, piano instructor, vocal coach and composer. Here I'll be sharing videos of my playing and also of myself talking about music, and the theory, performance and technique of playing piano music and singing. I'll also be blogging and sharing sheet music of my compositions and also other educational sheet music. I'll be selling merch having to do with piano education and maybe some nice t-shirt and coffee mug designs. I'm a pianist who plays classical, jazz, and popular music and musical theater. He is a piano instructor at two Boston area music schools and is available to teach piano lessons via Zoom, and is also available to write music for podcasts and commercials or whatever production you may need. He is available to play for wedding receptions and church services also. Bryan writes and records his own music, which you can hear by clicking the links above. You can also contact him by clicking on the links above.


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